Business Mogul Abd Al-Rahman Saudi beleaguered by Diseases in Prison
Business Mogul Abd Al-Rahman Saudi beleaguered by Diseases in Prison
Monday, November 19,2007 22:34

In a recurrent scene in the military tribunal facing Muslim Brotherhood leaders, several detainees have skipped the sessions due to aggravating diseases in President Mubarak"s prisons.
This deteriorating health of the detainees is actually due to the snowballing maltreatment which they face inside prison, in addition to lacking the sufficient medical care for the detainees inside prison.
The health of Abd Al-Rahman Saudi, one of the Muslim Brotherhood leaders referred to the military court on charge of money laundry, deteriorated so much in a previous trial session and only his fellow detainees helped him and the chief justice ordered him sent by ambulance to the Al Manial university hospital but the security apparatus insisted on sending him to the prison hospital first to decide whether he needs to be sent to Al Manial hospital.
Aisha Abdul Rahman Saudi said her father asked for allowing him to go to Al-Qasr Al-Aini hospital to undergo a cardiogram but we were still waiting for a reply. His request hasn"t been rejected and it hasn"t been addressed as well.
She added that her father refused to receive treatment in the prison hospital, and he only underwent a cardiogram in the prison hospital, but no one knows its result up till now. Only his detained cellmate doctors are following up his health inside prison.
The daughter of the Egyptian businessman Abd Al-Rahman Saudi voiced her dissatisfaction towards the current attitude of the Human Rights Organizations, saying:" It is so long a time since the military tribunal started- 33 trial sessions- while there is no effective role from the Human Rights Organizations. We expect more than this from them because the health and living conditions that my father and other detainees face inside prison are so bad".
"There are several attitudes and statements from human rights delegates, but we hope to see more effective roles", she said.
Aisha Abdul Rahman Saudi said that her father"s health is deteriorating, adding that:" This is not the first time that father faces such health scares. He told us he faced others after he fell in the courthouse out of extreme fatigue. He faced several previous heart attacks, but he didn"t inform us only demanding he be sent to Al-Qasr Al-Aini hospital and that his detained colleagues help him