MB Leaders Military Trial to Tuesday, Dec, 11th
MB Leaders Military Trial to Tuesday, Dec, 11th
Sunday, December 2,2007 14:44
The Huckstepp-based military tribunal trying 40 top Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders adjourned its session till Tuesday December, 11th, 2007, to give the defence team more time to bring its witnesses.
The forty MB leaders standing trial are topped by engineer Khairat Al-Shater the second deputy  chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood and Dr. Ali Bishr a member of the MB Executive Office.
The last session started with interrogating three of Al-Azhar University students. The defense witnesses were topped by Dr. Samir Mohamed Dayani, the head of Cairo doctors union, Dr. Mohamed Said Al Sayed, a biochemistry professor at Al-Azhar faculty of medicine. Both of them gave their testimonies for defendants Dr. Salah Al Desouki and Dr. Essam Abdul Mohsen Afifi. The court heard also the pleading the military prosecutor .
The three students denied that there is any relation whatsoever between their professors on the one hand and the sit-in and the athletic show. The three students stressed that their professors have never asked them to join the Muslim Brotherhood, never steered their thought, never supplied them with any weapon or money, and they have never incited them against the constitution. One of them said that they did not know that that show would prompt such consequences.
For the part, the doctors testified that Dr. Essam Abdul Mohsen Afifi- one of the accused- is their colleague for 15 years and he has never uttered any bad names and has never called for adopting terrorism .
Also, Dr. Abdul Hamid Abdul Galil witnessed, chairman of the geology department in the Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University , Dr. Mahmoud Mohamadein Solaiman, treasurer of the scientific professions union, Mohamed Abdul Aziz, an assistant professor at Al-Azhar faculty of medicine, Dr. Mohamed Abdul Gawaad Mohamed and Dr. Mamdouh Farrag, a former chairman of the geology department in Asyut Universi, testified for Dr. Khaled Abdul Qader Awda. All of them denied that Dr. Khaled has requested money from any one of them. They described him as a role-model of a professor who loves his career and that he has never violated the constitution and has never incited to violating law.
One of them added that Dr. Khaled is a fully cooperative person who has many international contributions and he helped in putting Egypt on the international map of geology. He added that Dr. Khaled contributed to enriching the field of archeological geology in Egypt