Egyptian Doctors’ Syndicate Stages Vigil March next Tuesday
Egyptian Doctors’ Syndicate Stages Vigil March next Tuesday
Sunday, December 9,2007 16:26
Egyptian Doctors" Union called for staging a peaceful vigil next Tuesday, to protest at Egyptian government"s breaking pledges related to the doctors" special cadre to improve their salaries.
"Doctors without Rights " issued a statement in which it said:" We-Egyptian doctors- reached a very bad state of deterioration. We shouldn"t remain silent towards this deterioration. We call on the doctors community to attend this vigil that will be held on the stairs of the Bab Al-Hikma-based Doctors" Syndicate.
" Doctors without rights" confirmed that the doctors" demands are legitimate and that the salary of a special cadre doctor must be no less than 500  pounds when he is first appointed and that the nature of work allowance must reach up to 100%  of the basic salary for doctors who do not have private clinics.
" Doctors Without Rights added also in its statement that the risk allowance must reach up to 120  pounds and the substitution allowance should reach 50 pounds for resident doctors and 75  pounds to assistant specialists .
In a related context, Dr. Hamad Al Sayed, the head of Egyptian doctors, confirmed that that vigil will be preceded by meeting for heads and members of the subsidiary doctors syndicates nationwide during which the doctors will define the measures that they will take to have their demands carried out.
Hamdi Al Sayed denied what the Minister of Health allegations that the Egyptian government has reportedly started to implement the special cadre. He confirmed that the Doctors" Syndicate hasn"t received any notice confirming this.