Calls for Lifting Gaza Siege Continue to Gain Steam
Calls for Lifting Gaza Siege Continue to Gain Steam
Friday, December 21,2007 03:21

While the death toll of the blockade on Gaza Strip- since it was imposed last June- is increasing, the voices calling for lifting this brutal unjust and inhumane siege are also increasing.

Sheikh Raed Salah, the leader of the Islamic movement inside the green line, called for launching an international campaign for lifting the blockade on Gaza Strip and arranging for campaign for sending animals for sacrifice in the Gaza Strip ahead of the Feast of Sacrifice" Greater Bairam".
He added in a statement to Ikhwanweb:" It ( Israel ) imposes a blockade that leads to a starvation to death on 1 1/2 million Palestinians in Gaza Strip. It is still denying access to the simplest necessities for living like medications and fuels, leading to martyrdom of more than 40 patients because of lacking required medication.
In a related context, the Egyptian Committee for Ending the Blockade on Gaza organized in cooperation with the Egyptian Labour Party a demonstration on Friday, Dec, 15th, 2007, in Al-Azhar mosque in central Cairo to condemn the so called " the Egyptian blockade imposed on Gaza and humiliating the Palestinians who are still stranded on Rafah Crossing". They demanded, during the demonstration, lifting the blockade on Gaza strip and reopening Rafah Crossing so that aid offered by the Egyptians can reach Gaza residents".