Calls for Releasing MB Military Trial Detainees Calls for Releasing MB Military Trial Detainees
Monday, December 24,2007 08:19, a Muslim Brotherhood (MB) website, launched an international campaign on the web calling for releasing MB leaders transferred to the military tribunal, topped Mohamed Khairat Al Shater, the second deputy chairman of the group and Mohamed Ali Beshr, a member of the MB Executive Office. The campaign launched by the website calls on every freeman who believes in and respects values of freedom and humanity to carry out an effective role in releasing for these Egyptian reformists.

The campaign organizers created the website in three languages Arabic, English and French in which they posted an email to president Mohamed Hosni Mubarak demanding him to cancel his decree of transferring 40 Muslim Brotherhood leaders to the military tribunal, immediately release them in compliance with the several rulings of Egyptian civil courts of releasing them, rehabilitate them and their families and to cancel the decision of freezing their assets. The message called on Egyptian President Mubarak to cancel this decision and listen to the voice of wisdom for the sake of the country and to protect his image from being distorted in front of international organizations and civil society institutions.

 The Email said it waits for president Mubarak"s decision of canceling this unfair trial, releasing all political prisoners, giving vent to public freedoms, including political freedom and freedom of the press and spreading democracy. Also, the website sends another message to civil society institutions and human rights organizations asking them to call on Egyptian President to release all prisoners of conscience political reasons.

The message say also that " The Muslim Brotherhood Movement is an Islamic international movement whose objective is to reform the society, spread freedom, respect human rights and fight corruption. " and that " Throughout the past 50 years, no MB member has been accused of committing any act of violence". And that " Due to the MB"s huge public approval, the Egyptian regime arrests, nearly on a weekly basis, dozens of MB members and leaders, sometimes raising the number of the detainees under provisional detention to five thousand. In late 2006, the Egyptian regime detained 40 top MB leaders.