Jamaa Islamiya for Presidential Election Before Year End
Jamaa Islamiya for Presidential Election Before Year End
Thursday, December 27,2007 12:41

The Jamaa Islamiya, Lebanon"s chapter of the Moslem Brotherhood, on Wednesday called lawmakers to elect a president before Year End.
The group, which is member of the March 14 majority alliance, stressed in a statement that presidential elections should be held before the end of 2007 "even if that required a constitutional amendment."

"We believe that the Lebanese people are aware of the side that is blocking the presidential election and they would act in line with their love to their homeland and determination on protecting it from any threats," the statement said.

The statement, issued after the group"s politburo meeting, said: "all the Lebanese, including members of parliament, should shoulder their responsibilities towards their homeland which is being used as a bargaining chip in international and regional contests .