Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Lashes out at Damascus Declaration Arrests
Muslim Brotherhood in Syria Lashes out at Damascus Declaration Arrests
Saturday, December 29,2007 20:32
The Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria criticized the campaign of arrests launched by the Syrian regime against some leaders at the Damascus Declaration for Democratic National Change.
The group welcomed in a statement, a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb, the meeting of the national council for national democratic change, electing its leaders and approving its main documents.
The group saw that this step worth appreciation and respect as it challenges the repressive regime and breathes a new life into aspirations for a bright future for the national action.
"The repressive Syrian regime did not bear such a shift in the political life, making its repressive services launch a security raid against the Damascus Declaration activists, and detain a number of its leaders and launch a media campaign that aims to distort the image of the patriotic opposition", said the statement, adding that "Leaders of Damascus Declaration have already held the meeting, and bear any ensuing repercussions, urging all national powers to close ranks to call for releasing the activists shouldered with this national responsibility.
The statement added that:" We- the Muslim Brotherhood group in Syria- call for releasing all detainees and call for allowing freedoms and call for allowing political action in Syria . We call for freedom under which the national project can do well, a national project believing in national sovereignty and that a free homeland can only by protected by freemen. We call on all national powers in Syria , and Arab and international humanitarian organizations to show their solidarity with prisoners of conscience in prisons of the Syrian regime, and take the necessary steps to get them released.
The statement told Syrian people that the Muslim Brotherhood group confirms that" Syria is full of freemen who approved- despite their differing affiliations- a purely national project. All of them have repeatedly stressed that this national project is clear of any foreign intervention or targets, that this independence does not mean that they are isolated or are moving in a vacuum. They still stress that they are the most patriotic, most interested in sovereignty and stability of their homeland. Therefore, it is actually unrealistic and unacceptable to distort the image of the Syrian opposition and accuse it of seeking a foreign intervention. The national opposition in Syria has even refused- and is still refusing- to make the big national issues- like sovereignty, independence, and safety of the national soil, a cause of internal conflict or political disagreement".
"The Damascus Declaration has taken a bold jump that increased its power. Any opposing view around anything taking place on the Syrian, Arab or regional arenas regional can be accepted because the teamwork has its necessities, and the national accord has a ceiling. However, the only thing can"t be debated is Syrian sovereignty and freedom for all Syrians without any discrimination. This is the core of the national project. Every one seriously seeking this target will find himself under the same umbrella, whatever the affiliations are", added the statment.