Hamas Gov’t Orders Christmas Days a Public Holiday
Hamas Gov’t Orders Christmas Days a Public Holiday
Tuesday, January 8,2008 00:11
The ousted Hamas- controlled government declared in Gaza Strip the Christmas days will be a public and official holiday in the Strip. Both the government and the Hamas movement sent delegations to congratulate the Christian leaders on the advent of the Christmas.
For their part, the Christian clerics saw these goodwill measures and moves as proving the deep and warm relations between Hamas and Christians, relations which Hamas spokesman Mushir Al Masri said can"t be harmed.
Al Masri said in a statement with Ikhwanweb that " All attempts to drive any wedge in these relation failed, even after the movement controlled over Gaza in mid June 2006.
He proved the depth of this relation by citing Hamas support in the last legislative elections January 2006 to the Christian candidate Hossam Al Tawil till he won a seat in the Legislative council, in addition to government orders of making days of the Christmas a public holiday for students and workers.