Habib Criticizes Bush’s visit, Sarkozy’s Anti-MB Statements
Habib Criticizes Bush’s visit, Sarkozy’s Anti-MB Statements
Monday, January 14,2008 23:06

Dr. Mohamed Habib, the first deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), attributed the visit of the US President to the region to George Bush"s desire to form a front of Arab nations to confront Iran and its project in the region under the claim that there is an Iranian threat to the countries in the region. Bush aims also through this to cover the US-backed Zionist project, according to the MB leader.

Habaib added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that Bush wants during this visit to liquidate the Palestinian cause and to increase the gap of rows between Mahmoud Abbas and the Hamas controlled government led by PM Ismail Haniya .
Habib tackled also the statements declared by French President Nicolas Sarkozy during the latter"s last week"s visit to Egypt. Sarkozy described the Muslim Brotherhood as another version of Taliban and underscored his attitude supporting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak against the Muslim Brotherhood. Habib described these statements as misleading and fully divorced from reality.

 He added that the Muslim Brotherhood"s past and present history denounces violence as a means for change. He also highlighted the group"s attitude supporting all peaceful means for opposing the ruler. He said also that the group adopts a peaceful reformist and lawful method in seeking change.
Habib pointed out also that Sarkozy"s statements are mere excuses to justify the latter"s full support to the US administration and the Egyptian dictatorial regime that adopts a repressive and tyrannical method in dealing with critics. Habib saw as unacceptable in Egyptian domestic affairs these statements declared by Sarkozy. He also saw these statements as some kind of inciting the Egyptian regime against the Muslim Brotherhood to exercise more repression.