8 Al Fayyum University Students to a Disciplinary Board
8 Al Fayyum University Students to a Disciplinary Board
Wednesday, January 16,2008 11:10
The dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Al Fayyum university, issued a decision on Wednesday of referring eight students to a disciplinary board on charge of carrying out activities without a permit. The disciplinary board will be held on Saturday Jan, 19th, 2008. This decision is issued the students are doing their first semester exams.
The decision is a part of a spate of disciplinary board referral decisions issued by other faculties, starting from the Faculty of Medicine which dismissed two students for two weeks and it moved to the Faculty of Science which dismissed two students for two weeks and denied them access to practical exams.
In the Faculty of Education, eleven students were dismissed for periods ranging between a week and three weeks while the Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum denied nine students access to exams.
Osama Saleh, a student in the Faculty of Engineering, said that this decision aims to prevent students from attending their exams and to deny them the chance to refer their cases to justice. He pointed out that his colleagues in the Faculty of Dar Al-Ulum had a sufficient time and had their dismissals cancelled at the State Council.
The time between issuing dismissals and exams is too short and this prevents us from having a sufficient time to file a lawsuit to stop these unjust decisions, said Osama.
Omar Ahmed Ali, a students transferred to a disciplinary board, asked:" I do not know whether the faculty administration is working for or the students" interests or is it trying to destroy their future and prevent them from getting their rights?!".
Omar said that the students referred to the disciplinary board are:
Osama Saleh Abdul Fadil
Ahmed Diab Mohamed Diab
Mohamed Ahmed Yusr
Rabih Ramadan Abd Al-Karim
Mohamed Abdul Karim
Ashour Mohamed Ajami
Omar Ahmed Ali
Al Fayyum university has witnessed this year a set of violations against rights of students, including detentions inside the campus or in front of the gate of the university and arresting students after raiding their houses. There are three from the Faculty of Education who are still detained in Wadi Al-Natrun prison.
It"s worth mentioning that students at Al Fayyum university faced 60 dismissals ranging from three days to three weeks, 150 investigations, let alone searches and harassments that both male and female students face while entering the campus. Referrals to the disciplinary boards have reached 26 so far.