IOA annexes Palestinian houses to Buraq Wall for Jewish rituals
IOA annexes Palestinian houses to Buraq Wall for Jewish rituals
Thursday, January 17,2008 09:44

Hebrew media sources revealed Thursday that the IOA had decided to annex a number of Palestinian houses adjacent to the Aqsa Mosque and the Maghareba gate road to the Buraq Wall in the framework of the Judaization of the Aqsa Mosque.

The media sources said that the local planning and construction committee in occupied Jerusalem endorsed the plan to expand the area in order for women to be able to perform their rituals at the Buraq Wall near the Maghareba gate.

The Hebrew Radio said that the plan is based on earmarking the empty Palestinian buildings adjacent to the Buraq Wall for the use of Jewish worshippers. The plan will be published to the public in the press in order for the planning committee to receive any objections.

The Israeli Ha"aretz newspaper quoted Thursday a Jordanian official source as saying that the IOF did not reveal anything about this plan during the meeting convened by the UNESCO with the participation of Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian representatives last Sunday in occupied Jerusalem.

This comes at a time when 11 Zionist families seized Tuesday night six houses belonging to Palestinian citizens in the eastern occupied Jerusalem, four of them in the Silwan neighborhood, which was named recently by Jews the city of David, and the other two in Wadi El-Hilweh.

The Israeli settlers claimed that the houses were uninhabited and that they purchased them from their Palestinian owners through a settlement association called El"ad.

Hebrew sources disclosed that with the arrival of 11 new families, the number of Jewish families living in the suburb of Silwan rose to 60 families, while the number of Zionist settlers grew to about 300 Zionists.

Palestinian sources active in the monitoring of Zionist settlement activities in occupied Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank unveiled that the Israeli settlement associations recently intensified settlement activities in occupied eastern Jerusalem.

The sources explained that the second phase of settlement plan started last week in the new Jewish neighborhood in the Ras Al-Amoud neighborhood which includes building 60 new houses, adding that Zionist settlers claimed that they also bought a piece of land located between Bethlehem and Tantur and that they were exerting efforts to buy more houses in the Arab neighborhoods especially in the Mount Abu Ghuneim.

Palestinian sources also mentioned that some of the five tunnels, which were dug years ago under the Silwan neighborhood, reach up to the Aqsa Mosque"s fence and others to the Buraq Wall and to the south of the Silwan area, adding that the Israeli excavations are still under way and that the IOA renamed the sites and places in Silwan area and issued new maps carrying the new Hebrew names.