Power Outages in Gaza, Hamas Blames Arab Nations
Power Outages in Gaza, Hamas Blames Arab Nations
Sunday, January 20,2008 14:12
The Palestinian energy natural resources authority declared that Gaza power plant will stop working as of Sunday, Jan, 20th, 2008, at 8.00PM because fuel required too operate them ended due to Israeli Occupation Forces" closing of all crossings and the blockade imposed on Gaza cities.
Engineer Kanaan Obeid, vice-chairman of the the energy authority in Hamas-led government said in a press conference held in Gaza on Sunday:" Stopping the power plant will lead to increasing the power outage to more than 50 % in cities of Gaza and to 70 % in Gaza City".
Obeid warned of a humanitarian disaster due to this outage, confirming that this " may lead to inability to provide power for hospitals, health clinics and waters pumps and sewerage stations and those with special needs".
Hamas Statement Sounds Wakeup Call
The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas  called on Arab and Islamic countries specially Egypt to break the blockade imposed on Gaza Strip that risks lives of hundreds of patients after Gaza ran out of fuel, presaging a humanitarian disaster, confirming that " there is no excuse for any one."
"The Zionist enemy is increasing its threats and tightening its blockade on Gaza Strip to the extent that the Strip may face a humanitarian disaster, specially as it has run out of fuel and the power plant in Gaza Strip is on the verge of stopping in hours. The enemy threatens with targeting the infrastructure and threatens with assassinating political leaders and targeting institutions and ministries, thinking that that by doing so it will humiliate the Palestinians and that they may give in under IOF terrorism and crimes ", said Hamas in a statement a copy of which was obtained by Ikhwanweb.
Hamas expressed its astonishment towards the Arab and Islamic attitude towards the blockade:" What are you waiting for. We are besieged while you are silent. We are killed while you do not move. Haven"t these deaths, killings and blockade moved your feelings?. We call on our Islamic and Arab Nation to break this blockade as it has no excuse and to support people in Palestine who defend your dignity and sacrifice everything for this".
Hamas asked in its statement:" Where are Islamic, national and leftist parties and movements?. Where are freemen all over the world?. What are you doing and how do you convince your supporters that you are backing Palestine, backing right and justice and support the oppressed? Where are your marches and sit-ins? Where are your activities to reject massacres committed against children, young men, old men and women?.
The movement addressed also the UN organizations and the human rights agencies all the world, saying:" People die under IOF blockade and terrorism in front of your eyes. Their only charge is that they defend themselves and fight its enemy, a right which you recognize in your charters. How long will your silence last?. Have you become accomplices in the Zionist terrorism?. You don"t need any further explanation or detail. It is up to you now. Move before it is too late and don"t wait till we give in. The trust in you is tilting. Break your silence and speak out about the crimes committed by the IOF and extend your hand to the besieged Palestinian people.