Haniya Calls for Palestinian-Egyptian Deal to End Rafah Crossing Crisis
Haniya Calls for Palestinian-Egyptian Deal to End Rafah Crossing Crisis
Friday, January 25,2008 04:00
Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya said his government is ready to hold urgent talks with Palestinian Authority (PA) leaders in Ramallah and Egyptian officials in the Egyptian capital, Cairo to forge a deal over running Rafah Crossing and laying down preparations required for this.
Haniya denied in statements to the media and Al-Jazeera TV channel from Gaza on Wednesday evening, that his wants government wants to monopoly running Rafah Crossing affairs and other Gaza Strip crossings, calling for reaching an Egyptian- Palestinian agreement to end the issue related to opening Rafah Crossing in order to end the tight unfair blockade imposed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) n Gaza Strip.
"What has happened in Gaza Strip indicates the soaring tensions in the besieged Gaza Strip", Haniya said, adding that:" Allowing only small amounts of fuel and gas is a limited step which is actually insufficient and unacceptable. The Palestinian demand a complete lifting of the blockade".
Appreciating Egyptian attitudes as a government, people, parties and movements towards the Palestinian people, Haniya pointed out that there were previous warnings that this blockade will create a complicated reality and increase the suffering of the Palestinians. He said also that his government his previously called on European and Arab nations to help the Palestinians and they his government showed the tragic situation asking them to move because " Gaza became empty of anything except for honour and dignity", and that the Palestinian people can no longer bear such a blockade .
Haniya denied receiving any offer from the PA presidency in Ramallah regarding opening crossings, saying:" We want to discuss the issue of crossings on the basis of serving Palestinian interests and partnership. We don"t have any private preconditions or demands. We only seek conditions and demands that secure national action an beef up partnership".
"Our government is ready to lay down all necessary preparations between us and Egyptian authorities to pursue the issue of opening Rafah Crossing in a way that serves common interests, protects Egyptian national security and Palestinian security as well", he added.
Haniya staunchly attacked statements and stances of some Palestinian leaders in which they gave excuses to maintaining IOF blockade and aggression on the Palestinian people. Haniya called on these leaders to be aware of the whole landscape and to read well the reality on the ground.
Haniya rejected conditions of lifting the blockade, saying:" If the blockade is harmful and painful on the Palestinian people, violating and wasting constants is more harmful and painful".
Haniya praised the Palestinian people"s steadfastness in front of this aggravating IOF aggression and blockade on Gaza Strip, the West Bank and inside the Green Line. He also welcomed the Arab public opinion"s calls for supporting the Palestinian people and calls for ending such unfair blockade.