Friday, January 25,2008 17:38
By Hossam el-Hamalawy

The Egyptian organizing committee of the international campaign against Zionist and American occupation condemns the arrest of Eng. Ali Abdel Fattah- member of the coordinating committee of the Egyptian group- and remanding him 45 days in custody (open to increase).

Mr. Abdel Fattah was detained because of his participation in peaceful demonstrations held in Alexandria in Egypt, against Israeli aggression and the siege against the people of Gaza.

 The demonstrations were also demanding the Egyptian government to open the Rafah entry-point permanently, since it is the only way to supply people in Gaza with food and medications.

As we call upon the Egyptian authorities to release Mr. Abdel Fattah promptly; we also invite you to demand his release. Mr, Abdel Fattah is a prisoner of conscience as he defends the freedom of Palestine, its people’s national, historical, and humanitarian rights.