Rights Report: 2007 a "Black Year" for Freedom of Expressions in Egypt
Rights Report: 2007 a
Sunday, January 27,2008 11:59

On Sunday, January 27, 11 am, at its headquarter in Maadi, the Arabic Network For Human Rights Information is holding a press conference to declare its first annual report about the freedom of expression in Egypt .
The report, prepared by the Arabic Network, is a review of the violations against journalists, writers, and bloggers in Egypt during 2007, besides the violations against art and artists by the censorship system and the new “Hesba” lawyers.
“The violations against press freedom, art and internet during 2007, made that year the worse since Egypt independence in 1952.” said the Arabic Network For Human Rights Information, “Journalists, writers and bloggers pay a very high price for the freedom of expression allegedly provided by the government”, the Network added.
This report is the first about the freedom of expression and violations against it to be prepared by the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information. The report allocates a section for the violations against artistic creation, internet using, and electronic press in Egypt .
Mr. Gamal Eid, the executive director of the Arabic Network, who participated in preparing the report said, “There are more than 500 trials that involved journalists, writers, artists and blogger!” he added, “The Egyptian government is not the only aggressor against the freedom of expression and press freedom, the media field witnessed a wild return of an old enemy who is hostile to such freedoms and is always working on spreading fear and chasing fact finders; they are the professionals of religious and political “Hesba” the seekers of fame and money.” “The only loser in that situation is the freedom of expression,” said Mr. Gamal.

Annual Report 2007 

freedom of opinion and expression in Egypt
Annual Report 2007

  • Foreword
  • This report
  • Introduction
    Section I
  • Main points affecting the freedom of expression and opinion freedom during 2007
  • Laws and the freedom of expression in Egypt
    Section II
  • Journalists and Writers
  • The freedom of artistic creation
  • Electronic press and blogs

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