Zahhar: We agreed with Egypt to arrange the borders until opening them officiall
Zahhar: We agreed with Egypt to arrange the borders until opening them officiall
Monday, February 4,2008 10:23

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar, a senior Hamas leader, stated Sunday that the Hamas delegation agreed during the last visit to Cairo with the Egyptian side to control and discipline the borders until they reach another agreement on the opening of the Rafah crossing officially.

In an interview with the Aqsa satellite channel on Sunday evening, Dr. Zahhar highlighted that Hamas will not accept that the Europeans participate in the management of the Rafah crossing, adding that Hamas and the caretaker government approve the presence of qualified administrative civil servants at the crossing.

The Hamas leader underlined that Hamas will not allow the Gaza people to starve or live in darkness, stressing the need to provide the Gaza Strip with fuel and electricity by Egypt because it is irrational to buy oil from Israel after it buys it from Egypt.

Regarding the statements by some officials in Ramallah on Hamas seeking to link the Gaza economy with Egypt, the Hamas leader said that the PA leadership does not want Gaza to be economically free from the Israeli occupation; it wants Gaza to be economically reliant on Israel.

Regarding the internal dialogue, the Hamas leader said that Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, issued orders to the Egyptian intelligence to create the atmosphere for dialogue between Fatah and Hamas, pointing to the flexibility showed by Hamas in finding creative solutions without compromising its primary objectives.