European Warnings of Dutch Movie that Offends Holy Quran
European Warnings of Dutch Movie that Offends Holy Quran
Wednesday, February 6,2008 16:30
By Nadine Abdullah
Geert Wilders, the controversial leader of the Dutch ultra-rightist Freedom Party PVV, and the producer of a movie which is reportedly offending the Holy Quran, said is that his movie will be released next March amid many reactions from officials in the Dutch administration and various Islamic organizations.He has declared that the movie will be released at the end of this month of January but he in an interview with the Dutch newspaper De Telegraph that the movie will be released in a number of weeks .
The beginning of the movie shows a Koran accompanied by the text: “Waarschuwing: dit boek bevat schokkende beelden” (Warning: this book contains disturbing images), followed by a beheading in Iraq, a stoning in Iran and an execution in Saudi-Arabia. Wilders said that" Those who are shocked at these things should not get angry with me but with the people who perpetrated these things.” European Unions Ministers of Justice have voiced their extreme worries towards this anti- Holy Quran movie which will undoubtedly "  have an effect on all EU countries ", said the Dutch Minister of Justice to AFP.
He also confirmed that the Europeans shouldn"t use the freedom of expression in a wrong way and said:" We should address all people and make them more aware so that the freedom of expression isn"t violated".
Dutch national anti-terrorism coordinator, Goustra Taebeh, told Wilders that he may be obliged to show a low profile for a while after the film is released which Muslims see as provocative and offensive to the Holy Quran.It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time in which Wilders attacks Islam and the Holy Quran. He has previously attacked the Holy Quran and called "fascist" that calls on its followers to kill and rape.
Wilders said also in a message to a US newspaper that a ban must be imposed on the Holy Quran in the Netherlands.For his part, Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter called for self-restraint over the film in a press conference in The Hague confirming that The Netherlands has a tradition of freedom of expression and belief, but it has also a tradition of respect, tolerance and responsibility, adding that such "provocations" have no place under Dutch tolerant traditions.Several Islamic organizations in The Netherlands have, in turn, called for self-control. Mohamed Rubaei, the general coordinator of Maghreb and Islamic organizations in The Netherlands, said that Muslims always prefer a peaceful way of expression, adding that call has been sent to the biggest number of Dutch to open their doors o the day of the film debut so that all Dutch immigrants and original citizens discuss this issue and declare their solidarity.
He called also, in the name of the 200000 Muslims living in The Netherlands and Maghreb organizations based in The Netherlands, every one, regardless of religion to file a lawsuit against the film when they watch it and feel any offence in its content because it incites to hatred and racism.