Last Session of MB Military Tribunal to be Attended by Senior Rights Activists
Last Session of MB Military Tribunal to be Attended by Senior Rights Activists
Friday, February 8,2008 22:31
By Mohamed Ismail

Nearly coming to a close next Monday, the military trial against Muslim Brotherhood leaders is drawing  huge international attention after it has remained under public spotlight for more than a year. Several international human rights activists will attend the session of next Monday, Feb, 11th, which will witness the last pleading of the defense team.

The human rights activists who will attend the court will include anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan who drew international attention when she staged a peaceful demonstration, after the death of her son Casey in Iraq, in front of US president George Bush’s Ranch in Texas calling for stopping the war in Iraq. She is comming to express her solidarity with detained MB leaders who have been acquitted by ordinary civil courts and referred again by the President to a military tribunal on trumped up charges. She is expected to take part in several peaceful protests to condemn the judicial and human rights violations in the case.
Sheehan is a cofounder of Golden Star Families for Peace which was founded in January 2005 to call for ending the US presence in Iraq and supporting families of the soldiers killed in Iraq . At least 63 relatives of the US soldiers killed in Iraq joined this organization.
Continuously exposing the US war in Iraq since 2004 and vowing not to pay taxes which fund war, Sheehan came under US focus in early August 2005 when she went to President Bush’s Texas-based ranch. She also requested a meeting with the US president to explain why she did this after she established a camp called ’Casey’s Camp’. She spent five weeks in the camp outside Bush’s ranch calling for meeting the president. She even vowed that unless she meets the president that time she would come to the ranch whenever he visits it. She was even thankful to denying her the visit because this drew more attention to her cause.
Sheehan’s actions made prominent supporters like Linux Yearwood, the Latin Congregation leader, call her a second Rosa Parks in fighting the war. After ending her demonstration, the media called Sheehan ’The Mother of Peace’.
Walter A. Fauntroy,  former congressman and a civil and human rights activist will also be present . He was elected as the first delegate for the protection of Colombia citizens and a House member.
For 20 years, Fauntroy remained a founding member and head of the Black Committee in the Congress. Fauntroy has laid down the roadmap of leading the black family for unity, survival and progress of the black.
Fauntroy was a special envoy to Professor Martin Luther from presidents John Kennedy, Lyndon Jonson, both Senate and House Speakers and the Congress-affiliated federal agencies related to fighting for civil rights.
Mahdi Bray,  Executive Director of Muslim American Society MAS Freedom Foundation, an advisory member in the US Islamic Council and an advisor to Interfaith Coalition will also be present on Monday. Bray led several anti-war marches in front of the White House. He is also a civil rights activist inside and outside the United States.
US famous media figure Tiffany Burn will accompany Sheehan to declare her solidarity with the MB leaders and to underscore their right to stand trial before a civil- not military- judge.

Violette Dagherre, the chairperson of the Arab Commission for Human Rights, has been to Cairo last Thursday to attend the Muslim Brotherhood trial and she will be back for the same mission in February, 19th. She also said she plans to meet Egypt ’s First Lady, Suzan Mubarak, Interior minster and decision makers to urge them call for referring the case to civil justice.