Hamas: Contacts with Egyptian officials is still going on
Hamas: Contacts with Egyptian officials is still going on
Sunday, February 10,2008 23:08

The Hamas Movement stated Saturday that the daily contacts between its leadership and Egyptian officials and the joint efforts made to reopen the Rafah crossing did not stop, despite the fierce campaign waged against Hamas by some media outlets in Egypt.

"We are confident that those writers who were involved in this campaign do not express the pulse of the Egyptian street or the true position of the Egyptian leadership, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, opined in a TV program prepared by the Aqsa satellite channel.

Dr. Abu Zuhri highlighted that Hamas is concerned with the security of borders with Egypt and Egypt is concerned with the opening of the Rafah crossing, pointing out that what happened at the crossing was exceptional and the Egyptians who follow this file understand this well.

The spokesman underlined that there are serious and genuine Egyptian efforts being made to reopen the crossing under new arrangements.

As for the separation of Gaza from the West Bank, the spokesman underlined that Gaza is a Palestinian land and not part of Egypt and Hamas, along with Egypt, will not allow this to happen.

The spokesman added that those who are involved in the scheme to separate Gaza from the West Bank are the PA leadership and its unconstitutional government in Ramallah who cut the salaries of 25,000 Palestinian civil servants from all affiliations.

Regarding the passing assaults that happened on Egyptian soldiers at the Rafah crossing, the spokesman said that what happened was as a result of an asphyxiating state suffered by one and a half million people in Gaza, pointing out that those who overstated the attacks on Egyptian soldiers did not talk about the position of Dr Mahmoud Al-Zahhar who went to apologize to the Egyptian officers and the Hamas delegation who handed gifts to the Egyptian security men.

The spokesman called on the Egyptian leadership to silence the "poisonous" voices that cause bitterness and pain to the Palestinian people.