Hamas warns: Targeting our leaders will lead the entire region to explode
Hamas warns: Targeting our leaders will lead the entire region to explode
Monday, February 11,2008 23:16

The Hamas Movement warned Monday the Israeli occupation of the consequences of its intentions to assassinate Hamas leaders and officials, highlighting that any targeting of its leading figures would lead the entire region to explode like a volcano and burn the ground beneath Zionists" feet.

In a statement to the PIC, Dr. Ismail Radwan, a prominent Hamas leader, underlined that the Israeli threats of liquidating its leadership outside and inside the Palestinian lands would never intimidate Hamas or force it into raising the white flag, adding that Hamas would never waive the Palestinian constants or an inch of the Palestinian land.

The Hebrew radio said that the Israeli government agreed during a security consultation session held urgently at the invitation of its premier Ehud Olmert to escalate assassination operations against Hamas political and military leaders inside and outside Palestine at the pretext that the orders of firing rockets are issues both internally and externally.

Some Israeli ministers called in this context for liquidating premier Ismail Haneyya in response to the firing of homemade rockets on Israeli settlements.

Israeli newspapers were also filled with articles and reports urging the IOA to hasten to assassinate Haneyya.