MB Military Sentencing Session Feb, 26th
MB Military Sentencing Session Feb, 26th
Tuesday, February 12,2008 18:40

The military tribunal trying 40 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders topped by deputy chairman Khairat Al Shater and Mohamed Ali Beshr a member of the MB Executive Office adjourned its session till February 26th, 2008. The Feb 26th session is scheduled to be for issuing a ruling in a case that has been under Egyptian and international public opinion spotlight ending none more chapter in the conflict between the Egyptian regime and opposition powers topped by the Muslim Brotherhood group.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first case against the Muslim Brotherhood. It isn"t also the first time in which members and leaders of the Egyptian moderate group are referred to the military justice which isn"t authorized to hear cases that involve civilians. However, this case, the seventh military case in MB history, has surpassed the previous ones due to the huge media coverage and public interest.

The latest session, held on Monday Feb, 11th and witnessed the last pleading of the defense panel, gained a huge international media and human rights coverage. Human rights and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan tried to attend the military session but was denied access. Sheehan came to declare its solidarity and support to the MB leaders facing a military trial and to declare her rejection to referring civilians to a military trial. Mahdi Bray, the chairman of Mass Freedom foundation, has come to declare his outright rejection to this trial and to ask the Egyptian regime to intervene to rescind any possible ruling against the defendants. Also attended but denied access was Tiffani Burns, Cindy Sheehan"s campaign manager for the next Congress elections, and she was wearing a Tee Shirt reading in Arabic and Ebglish "We will never be silent", declaring her sympathy and solidarity to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

Former US congressman, Walter Fauntry was to arrive in Egypt on Tuesday, Feb, 2nd, 208, to declare his support and solidarity with the MB leader.