MB Parliamentary Bloc condemn republishing the Danish caricatures
MB Parliamentary Bloc condemn republishing the Danish caricatures
Sunday, February 17,2008 11:40
By Nadine Abdullah
The Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc has totally condemned the recent acts of Denmark after reprinting cartoons of Prophet Mohamed in 17 newspapers.
Hussein Ibrahim, vice-chairman and spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood Parliamentary bloc, stated that more than 20 requests were sent to the Egyptian Prime minister and the minister of Foreign Affairs condemning the republishing of such caricatures in Danish newspapers, and demanding cutting all economic and political relations with Denmark and any other country that means to abuse Islamic or religious holy figures.
Hussein Ibrahim added that the Members of Parliament would soon present a memo to the chairman of People’s assembly demanding to have a private session on February 24th to discuss the situation of Denmark .
It is noteworthy that 5 major Danish newspapers have republished a caricature depicting Prophet Mohamed wearing a turban shaped like a bomb with a lit fuse last Wednesday, the act that was followed by republishing the depicting caricatures in other Danish newspapers a few days later.
Publishing such cartoons have sparked massive protests in Muslim countries 2 years ago, however, Danish newspapers have republished it these days as a protest against the plot to murder one of the cartoonists, and to show their commitment to freedom of speech.
Brotherhood MP of Sharqeya, Dr. Farid Ismail, stated that republishing caricatures satirizing Prophet Mohamed in 17 newspapers of Denmark is considered as a new kind of  racism and a great challenge for the feelings of Muslims all over the world.
MP Farid Ismail wondered about the reason why the Egyptian government has not cut the diplomatic relations between Egypt and Denmark till now as a way of rejecting republishing the caricatures again.
He also wondered why the Egyptian authorities have not taken any real reaction condemning the caricatures depicting the Prophet, as calling the ambassador of Denmark in Egypt and pulling the Egyptian ambassador in Denmark at least.
Adding that the Egyptian government should boycott the Danish products for showing solidarity with Muslims all over the world opposing the Danish acts.