Jewish extremists assault Palestinian graveyard
Jewish extremists assault Palestinian graveyard
Monday, February 18,2008 00:42

The Aqsa foundation for the reconstruction of Islamic holy shrines strongly denounced Sunday the Jewish fanatics who assaulted the Islamic Hirbij cemetery in the Ibten town in the Palestinian lands occupied in 1948 and smashed many gravestones, considering this act as a desecration of the living and the dead Muslims.


The foundation stated that it would be working soon on refurbishing the smashed gravestones and fencing the graveyard.

A Palestinian citizen who works as a janitor near the graveyard discovered this assault and told the Ibten people who in their turn called the Haifa police to conduct its investigations.


This is the third assault on the graveyard in the last two years, where Jewish extremists had previously written slurs on the graves against Arabs and Muslims and the Haifa police investigated into the assault but to no avail.