13 MB University Students Arrested by the Egyptian Authorities
13 MB University Students Arrested by the Egyptian Authorities
Tuesday, February 19,2008 07:03
The Egyptian government have continued its practices of imposing excessive restrictions upon the Egyptian universities yesterday noon(Monday Feb. 18, 2008).
Security forces have attacked the university students directly after finishing a festival in solidarity with Gaza under the slogan “Let’s enlighten Gaza ” in which the security men abused and assaulted many students, besides detaining 13 students.
It’s worth mentioning that the students detained were dragged by the forces and kept inside an ambulance car and a microbus.
Names of the students detained yesterday are:
 - Khaled Abul-Ela.
 - Abdullah Nouh.
 - Abdul-Qader Hassan.
 - Abdurrahman Salah.
 - Mohamed Asem.
 - Yahia Habeeb.
 - Ahmed Al-Sayed.
 - Abdurrahman Hamed.
“Let’s enlighten Gaza ” festival, organized by the Muslim Brotherhood(MB) students, took place in the medical block inside the university, a place that contains faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, and Dentistry.
 The festival which was attended by a huge number of students included many artistic performances as songs and 2 plays that tackled the status of Gaza people under siege, and the peace negotiations.
It’s noteworthy that the deputy Middle East director at Human Rights Watch, Joe Stork, have said years ago that “The government’s persistent violations of academic freedom have badly undermined Egypt’s standing as the educational leader of the Arab world,” , adding, “The authorities should end their excessive and arbitrary interference in the activities of scholars, students and universities.”  However, university students and professors still suffer the government interference till today.