Euphoria Grips Egypt over Soccer Win despite Successive Frustrations
Euphoria Grips Egypt over Soccer Win despite Successive Frustrations
Tuesday, February 19,2008 16:15
By Nadine Abdullah
rab and Egyptian people have taken to streets in the past days to celebrate the Egyptian team"s winning the African Nations Cup for the second time in a row and the sixth in its history. These celebrations included Egyptian universities and the People"s Assembly, the lower chamber of parliament, plus several other Arab countries, topped by Gaza Strip people who gathered in front of Rafah Crossing to show their happiness for the Egyptian win
Students demonstrations continued for the third day in Egyptian universities including youth of different affiliations to take part in the celebration of the victory of the Egyptian team, chanting slogans in support to the team and, its coach and Abu Trika"s "Sympathize with Gaza" attitude  .
The Muslim Brotherhood students even allowed the government vetted student union members to use their amplifiers for the first time to celebrate and express their happiness for the precious win.
Following the final game in which Egypt beat Cameroon 1-0, Egyptian members of parliament attended the morning session draped in the Egyptian flag. All MPs, majority opposition and independents, expressed they praise to the excellent performance of the team, its coach and expressed their happiness for this victory.
Gamal Heshmat, a top leader in the Muslim Brotherhood group, told Ikhwanweb that the huge celebrations of the Egyptian people for this winning are actually a sudden state of joy amid the successive frustrations facing people every day.
He pointed out that successes have been missed in many fields. A success in the sports field has undoubtedly gripped people who were badly in need for a feeling of happiness.
He also saw that a key reason for people"s happiness was that this win was achieved by a group of the players who were selected, not through nepotism, but because of their excellent skills and real efforts.
Heshmat saw it as an exceptional case because most Egyptian people find suitable jobs only through nepotism. He also noted that most families of these players are middle class families making these players a real reflection of the Egyptian street and definitely adding to their popularity.
He also touted the Egyptian team"s work which was marked by transparency and persistence in a way that spawned a title win plus popularity among all sections of the Egyptian society who saw the result of the exerted efforts. "Many Egyptian young men lack such merits in their work" added Heshmat.
He also praised the aura of religiousness and good manners which the Egyptian players and technical team showed during the African championship.