Ikhwanweb Condemns the Arrest of its Editor by Egyptian Police
Ikhwanweb Condemns the Arrest of its Editor by Egyptian Police
Thursday, February 21,2008 14:33

Ikhwanweb strongly condemns the Egyptian police fierce crackdown on members and sympathizers of the Muslim Brotherhood ahead of the April 8th municipal elections, which was marked yesterday by the arrest of Ikhwanweb’s editor Mr. Khaled Hamza, aka Khaled Salam. Khaled is the joint chief editor of Ikhanweb, the Muslim Brotherhood official English website.


Khaled was picked up by police special forces last night in Cairo shortly after his meeting with the director of the Arab Commission for Human Rights (ACHR) to discuss cases of human rights abuses and violations in Egypt. Khaled is one of the most dynamic figures within the MB and has been inspirational for many young MB bloggers. He played an essential rule during the military trial of MB members and was able through his diligent work to have the MB voice heard across the globe.


With the arrest of Khaled Salam, reform in Egypt has lost another staunch supporter, but the march will continue and we will not give up. We call on all human rights activists and supporters to join us in the campaign to release Khaled and all political detainees in Egypt.