World Day For Breaking Gaza Siege Launched in 30 Nations
World Day For Breaking Gaza Siege Launched in 30 Nations
Monday, February 25,2008 07:29
Gamal Al Khodari, an independent PLC member and head of the Popular Committee for Breaking the Gaza Siege, declared on Saturday Feb, 23rd, the launch of a series of activities in more than 30 countries all over the world aiming to show solidarity with Gaza Strip peoples in their demands for ending the suffocating blockade imposed on them.
Al Khodari, a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), confirmed that " Supporters from 30 countries and more than 70 cities all over the world will take part in activities aiming to show solidarity with our besieged people in Gaza who are suffering from tough conditions which are getting tougher day after day in a manner that amounts to a mass punishment and a genocide".
"It is credulous to think that the hideous blockade imposed by Israeli Ocupation Forces on Gaza has ended after demolishing the border wall between Gaza and Egyptian territories" said Al Khodari, adding that "The blockade on Gaza is still imposed, getting fiercer and is targeting everyone and everything.
The Popular Committee for Breaking the Gaza Siege, Al Khodari pointed out, sent various messages to countries all over the world on all official and popular levels including the Arab League and the Organization of the Islamic Conference, calling for making Saturday a day of solidarity with Gaza and calling for sending delegations to the Strip to see the huge amount of suffering people are facing.
Al Khodari mentioned a number of countries that he said responded to the call of the Popular Committee, including France , Italy , Canada , Sweden , Greece , Germany , Norway , Algeria , Bahrain and Egypt , in addition to Arab Israelis who are carrying out a series of activities to show their solidarity with these oppressed people.
Al Khodari praised the attitude of the European Parliament calling for ending the blockade. He also called on the European Union and the international community to take more steps and resolutions to exercise pressures on Israeli Occupation Forces to end the unfair blockade on the Gaza Strip.
Al Khodari said that the activities of the Popular Committee for Breaking the Gaza Siege scheduled on the international solidarity Feb, 23rd, will start with staging a complete commercial strike from the morning, and then laying the cornerstone for a memorial to commemorate memory of the blockade victims. Then, a march will be held heading for the United Nations Headquarters to hands over a message to the UN delegate.
European Reactions
Amin Abu Rashed, the President of the European Committee Against the Siege on Gaza said:" We will respond to the campaign for supporting Palestinian citizens in Gaza . Feb, 23rd, will be a day for showing solidarity and support through demonstrations, sit-ins and marches all over Europe .
"European squares and streets will be full of demonstrations to show the European rejection to peoples suffering under Israeli siege in Gaza , he said.
Parallel to this, another campaign will be held to send messages to European parliamentarians, civil society organizations and decision making centers to show how far this blockade affect Gaza residents, said Abu Rashed.