17 MBs Arrested in Giza
17 MBs Arrested in Giza
Tuesday, February 26,2008 09:48
Egyptian State Security forces have launched wide scale sweeps of arrests today at dawn(Tuesday Feb., 26th) in Giza governorate in which 17 Muslim Brotherhood affiliates were arrested.
Names of the MBs arrested today are:
1.     Mohamed Ibrahim, a teacher.
2.     Mohamed Abdul-Baset, an engineer in the Arab Contractors company.
3.     Mahmoud Gaber, a teacher.
4.     Ibrahim Ali, an employee in the Doctors Syndicate.
5.     Abdul-Al Abd Rabbu Khudera, an engineer.
6.     Mohamed Abdel-Rashid.
7.     Hamdi Mursi.
8.     Ashraf Eissa, a teacher.
9.     Mohamed Ismail, a teacher.
10. Magdy Al-Ka’ky, a researcher.
11. Hamdy Al-Faramawy, a teacher.
12. Ibrahim Othman, an engineer.
13. Abdul-Nasser Abdul-Halim.
14. Dr. Abdul-Mageed Mahmoud Omran, a pharmacist.
15.  Abusree’ Hussein, an engineer.
16. Alaa Mohamed Ali, a teacher.
17. Dr. Mohamed Adel Abdul-Aziz, a pharmacist.
It’s noteworthy that such detentions are part of the government’s daily crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood  to prevent them from fielding candidates in the coming municipal elections on April 8th.