Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Israeli Massacres against Palestinian Civilians
Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Israeli Massacres against Palestinian Civilians
Sunday, March 2,2008 17:37
Mohamed Mahdi Akef, the chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, lashed out at "the genocide" committed by Israeli occupation forces (IOF) against the Palestinian people in Gaza . He confirmed in a statement issued by the MB Executive Bureau, that the Palestinian people are facing a conspiracy that aims to displace them through all means of killing and intimidation.
Akef praised the Palestinian"s unarmed resistance to this "criminal raid, sacrificing many martyrs for defending their lands.
This heinous crime- of the occupation of Palestine- was a curtain raiser for a US-Zionist scheme aiming to dominate over the region, fragment its countries, steal its wealths, wipe up its Islamic identity, values and civilization. Since then, the region has never witnessed stability due to the successive wars, the overwhelming ruin and the bloodletting.
Akef praised also the Palestinian people who, despite the suffocating blockade, starvation, diseases, strikes, killing and destruction, are sticking to their rights and constants for which they sacrifice leaders and sons, giving wonderful examples of selflessness and sacrifice.
Akef also described the Israeli occupation forces as mad, driven by their hatred and spite to kill as of Saturday evening more than 60 civilians and injuring more than 200 today including a big number of children.
"To describe their actions, I won"t use the word massacre, but I will borrow the word used by the Israeli deputy war minister who called their raid "a holocaust", as if the Zionists have impersonated the character of the Nazi whom they accused and convicted for the same crimes which they are currently committing against the Palestinian citizens. This holocaust is unfortunately committed under clear encouragement from the US administration, a clear silence from European countries and other countries all over the world as if the Palestinians have no human rights. The worst of all is the spanking silence of the Arab and Islamic governments, "he said.
The MB Chairman called on Arab rulers in his statement to close ranks and seek peoples" support to resist this criminal scheme. This actually requires firm diplomatic, political, economic and popular attitudes to stop this ongoing holocaust, support our brothers in Gaza and break the blockade imposed on them.
He also urged them to allow their peoples to give vent to their anger, support their brothers, and protect the national security, offering all kinds of support to these besieged people in Palestine .
Akef directed a part of his statement to the Arab League, saying:" We appreciate your efforts to solve the crisis in Lebanon but don"t Gaza , the West Bank and the Palestinian cause deserve similar- if not doubled- efforts to solve problems there?.