Dozens of MBs arrested in 6 governorates on Monday
Dozens of MBs arrested in 6 governorates on Monday
Monday, March 3,2008 07:50
Arrest raids launched by the Egyptian authorities have resumed today dawn (March 3, 2008) in nearly 6 governorates in which the State security forces arrested dozens of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) affiliates to prevent the MB from fielding candidates in the coming municipal elections.
Names of the 11 MBs arrested in Sharqeya:
1.     Saber Al-Sharqawi, office-manager of the MB Parliamentary bloc.
2.     Khaled Abdul-Hady, lawyer.
3.     Mohamed Rushdi, civil engineer.
4.     Gamal Hassan, teacher.
5.     Emad Abdul-Moez Afifi, employee in electricity company in Mashtool.
6.     Dr. Atef Nayel, pharmacist.
7.     Dr. Mohamed Habeeshi, pharmacist.
8.     Abd-Rabb Al-Nabi Abdullah Ismail, lawyer.
9.     Dawoud Tantawi, manager in electricity company in Huseineya.
10.                        Ahmed Eleiwa.
11.                        Dr. Omar Abdul-Ghani, occulist.
It’s noteworthy that the security forces have arrested yesterday Wael Mohamed Ismail Al-Sebaie (a chemist) yesterday.
Names of the 7 MBs arrested in Sohag:
1.     Mohamed Mohaed Abdul-Naeem, lawyer.
2.     Shams El-Din Ahmed Atallah, lawyer.
3.     Khalaf Mohamed Mahmoud, teacher.
4.     Abdel-Radi Awad Al-Aref, pharmacy owner.
5.     Radwan Abdul-Reheem Radwan, teacher.
6.     Ghareeb Ali Ramadan.
7.     Essam Gamal Adam, secretary of bureau of the MP Mohamed Mohamed Abdel-Rahman.
Names of the 9 MBs arrested in Giza:
1.     Mohamed Hassan Mehaseb.
2.     Ra’fat Saad Zaghlool.
3.     Essam Al-Shahed.
4.     Dr. Medhat Al-Hakeem.
5.     Abdel-Rahman Bashandi, MB candidate in the Parliamentary elections 2005.
6.     Abd Hammad.
7.     Ahmed Rashed.
8.     Mohamed Hosni Hammad.
9.     Emad Shalabi.
Names of the 6 MBs arrested in Qena:
1.     Yahia Abdel-Wahhab Hussein, manager of “Qous” electricity station.
2.     Ayman Hassani Mohamed.
3.     Abdul-Hameed Mohamed Mousa, financial and administrative director in Qous educational administration.
4.     Yasser Noubi Mohamed, headmaster in a primary school.
5.     Ahmed Abdel-Fattah Kamel, computer teacher.
6.     Magdy Zaki Khalil, accountant in Cairo bank, Qous city.
Security forces broke into four other MB houses, but the residents were not there in time of the raid.
Names of the 3 MBs arrested In Gharbeya:
1.     Ahmed Al-Na’em, head of the education department in Gharbeya.
2.     Mahmoud Ibrahim Gabr, employee in the ministry of social affairs.
3.     Magdy G’eisa.
A number of arrest raids have taken place in Kafr Al-Sheikh governorate. However, MB affiliates were not available during such raids, and security forces arrested only Ali Abdel-Mageed Awn from Al-Za’faran, Kafr Al-Sheikh.
Today’s wide-scale sweeps of arrests comes as a part of the government’s crackdown against the MB affiliates in an attempt to prevent them from participating in the municipal elections held on April 8th.