Tens of Thousands of Egyptians Protest, Call for Ending Gaza Holocaust
Tens of Thousands of Egyptians Protest, Call for Ending Gaza Holocaust
Monday, March 3,2008 17:30
Tens of thousands in the northern Egyptian Delta held demonstrations to give vent to their rage and protest against the massacres committed by Israeli Occupation Forces against the Palestinian people in Gaza . As if condemnations fall on deaf ears, the Israeli military is still maintaining its operations and heinous crimes in Gaza for the sixth day in a row.
In the northern governorates of Damietta , Mansoura and Port Said , several demonstrations were organized after the night prayer in which the demonstrators called for immediately stopping this heinous holocaust. They also called on the Egyptian government to intervene to stop these massacres. They also demanded severing all diplomatic and trade ties between Egypt and Israeli occupation authorities.
Although the number of every demonstration was nearly 1000 persons, but they were dozens and many spread over several governorates, drawing the attention of many Egyptian local media outlets.
Ahmad Shawqi, a member of the popular committee for supporting the Palestinian people, confirmed to Ikhwanweb that this action is a minimum of what the Egyptian people should offer to the besieged Palestinian people in Gaza . He also added that the aid that the Egyptian people offer to besieged brothers in Gaza will never stop whatever the challenges and hurdles facing it. Shawqi described the holocaust committed by Israeli Occupation forces against Gaza people as a kind of ethnic cleansing. He also lashed out at the weak attitude of the Arab rulers whose silence was at odds with the stance of their peoples.