Egyptian Security Leaders: We are Here to Block not Open Elections
Egyptian Security Leaders: We are Here to Block not Open Elections
Wednesday, March 5,2008 14:59

In an ominous sign that may presage more serious violations, election committees accepting nomination papers for the Egyptian municipal elections were turned into military barracks on Tuesday, the first day of registering for the elections.

This security signal was even preceded by sweeps of arrests against dozens of Muslim Brotherhood leaders till Tuesday dawn. Most of these MB detainees are potential candidates in the Municipal elections scheduled to be held next April, 8th. The security forces closed streets leading to places receiving nomination papers in several Egyptian governorates, turning them into military barracks due to this huge security presence. Some employees were even prevented from going to work in some of these places although they have nothing to do with the elections.

An eyewitness heard an officer in these security forces saying:" We came here to close- not to open- the door for those registering to stand elections. Some security elements seized papers of some candidates and tore them, seized mobiles of others and arrested some potential candidates from several governorates to prevent them from running for these elections.

These violations are expected, according to some observers, to be a tip of an iceberg of violations that the Egyptian regime may commit to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood"s candidates from running elections or garner seats .