Haneyya gov’t appreciates Libyan stand at UNSC
Haneyya gov’t appreciates Libyan stand at UNSC
Saturday, March 8,2008 07:30

The PA caretaker government of Ismail Haneyya has expressed its gratitude for the Libyan "responsible" stand at the UN Security Council that blocked the issuance of a resolution condemning the resistance attack on a Jerusalem institute without referring to the IOF massacre in Gaza.

Taher Al-Nunu, the government"s spokesman, said in a statement on Friday night that the Palestinian government also appreciated the other members who refused to endorse that resolution.

"We ask the world at large to bridle the Zionist attacks on our people and to adopt punitive measures against the Zionist terrorist government that publicly declared intention to inflict a holocaust on the Gaza Strip," he elaborated.

Nunu also said that the Arab countries" warning of canceling the Arab "peace initiative" was a step in the right direction in the light of the continued "Zionist terrorism" and flagrant violation of all human values.