ACHR Launches New Web Site on HR in the Arab World
ACHR Launches New Web Site on HR in the Arab World
Monday, March 24,2008 14:12
The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information released a new website titled Qadaya ( which provides a legal and human rights service for journalists, lawyers and human rights activists in Egypt and the Arab world.
The new website includes many important departments such as an agenda for the human rights court cases against journalists, political and human rights activists, in addition to important judicial verdicts supporting human rights, especially freedom of expression. The site is providing the texts of Arab constitutions, legal acts, examples of cases and procedures related to human rights causes which would help researchers, journalists and lawyers to have information about cases related to human rights and sessions dates in regards to cases considered by the courts.
Establishing Qadaya site was to fulfill the journalists and activists need to know about the number of cases which are considered by courts, dates of the hearing sessions and locations, and it also aims to granting experience for lawyers interested in working in this field by providing information on journalists lawsuits or political causes in Egypt and Arab world.
Qadaya is characterized by publishing a group of the most important judicial verdicts in Egypt that contributed in enforcing many basic rights for citizens such as the "judgment of the case of January 18 & 19 uprising, judgments approving the legitimacy of demonstrations, judgments cancelling the confiscation of a book., a judgment affirming the necessity of full judicial supervision over elections and judgment of confirming online freedom of expression…etc".
The website depends upon efforts of several volunteered lawyers, other than the Arabic Network staff. However, the website will depend basically on lawyers, researchers and journalists in providing it with news and materials, so as to be a legal and human rights useful reference providing experience and information for all the concerned audience in the Arab world.