Editor-In-Chief Of The Muslim Brotherhood Under Seige; Faces Threat Of Detention
Editor-In-Chief Of The Muslim Brotherhood Under Seige; Faces Threat Of Detention
Friday, March 28,2008 16:45
By Joseph Mayton

Editor-in-chief of the Muslim Brotherhood Abdul Galil Al Sharnouby has condemned the searching of his home for a second time. The editor, who heads the country"s most popular opposition group"s Web site, has gone into hiding over the raids and the threat of detention.

Al Sharnouby sent a letter to the board of the country"s press syndicate - of which, he is a member - that outlined a raid on his home early in the morning on March 12. The editor was absent, but security forces confiscated books, paper work and other belongings, the letter reported.

"It scared my wife and my young daughters," the editor said.

The International Federation of Journalists (IFC) is the most recent rights group to condemn the treatment of the government, saying journalists should not be put in prison for doing their job.

"This journalist is being harassed and abused because of his work," said Aidan White, IFJ"s General Secretary. "It is a shocking violation of his rights. The authorities must end this intimidation, return all the material seized in raids on his home and give guarantees of his personal safety."

Khaled Hamza, the Brotherhood"s English web editor, is currently behind bars for his work with the banned Islamic group.

"The targeting of media associated with any political group threatens attachment to democratic principles, particular at election time," said White. "This is precisely the time when standards of tolerance and democracy are most tested and when journalists should be allowed to work freely."