Ramon: Jerusalem not for negotiations, wall our borders
Ramon: Jerusalem not for negotiations, wall our borders
Saturday, April 5,2008 08:49

Haim Ramon, the Israeli deputy premier, has affirmed that public and secret talks with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas and his team do not include Jerusalem, "which all knows is not for negotiations".

Ramon in a statement carried by the Hebrew media said that the Israeli government had annexed 28 Palestinian villages to Jerusalem, which were never before part of Jerusalem.

He explained that negotiations with the Palestinians would be around those villages and not eastern Jerusalem, which was occupied by IOF troops in the 1967 war.

The deputy premier also underlined that borders with the PA would be the separation wall currently being built in the West Bank, which has confiscated thousands of dunums of West Bank lands.

Ramon hoped that an agreement would be reached with the PA leadership in the current year that would be coupled with passing a law for compensating the Jewish settlers who have to evacuate their settlements east of the separation wall at conclusion of that agreement.