Egyptian Regime Still Showers Moneim With Fake Allegations
Sunday, May 6,2007 00:00
By Saeed Abbadi, Ikhwanweb

Al-Masri Al-Yom Newspaper quoted, in its Friday issue, the Human Rights Watch’s report around the prison sentence ruling against Aljazeera journalist Howaida Taha and the groundless detention of colleague Egyptian blogger Abdul Moneim Mahmoud; the newspaper reported also the Egyptian authorities’ denial that Abd Al-Moneim was detained due to posting torture issues or for meeting human rights organizations .
For his part, Fadi Al-Qadhi, the organization’s member in Cairo said that the Egyptian authorities refuse to meet any human rights organization and refuse any cooperation whatsoever with them; consequently, no dialogue was held with the government over this issue.
In a related context, lawyer Islam Lotfi, a member of Abd Al-Moneim’s defense panel said that the Egyptian government is continuously falsifying facts, specially those related to human rights violations .

Islam added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the charges mentioned in Abd Al-Moneim’s state security investigation report are: that Abd Al-Moneim published torture reports and that he met international human rights organizations like the Amnesty International .
Islam pointed out that after Abd Al-Moneim appeared before the prosecution, the bill of indictment was changed into the usual charge, belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood Organization .
"Abd Al-Moneim was detained on March, 3, 2006 on charges of belonging to an outlawed organization and of running the media committee of the Muslim Brotherhood students and was held for 6 months inside prison before a court ruling rejected the prosecution charges and released him; why has the prosecution detained Abd Al-Moneim for the second time in one year on the same charge that the court reject?" wondered Islam.
Regarding Abd Al-Moneim conditions inside prison, Islam said that Abdul Moneim is placed in high security prison called Al-Mahkoum, which is designated for dangerous criminals; he said that this prison is one of the worst Egyptian prisons and many diseases are spread in it like, tuberculosis and scabies and there are some rumors that there are AIDS cases in it and it lacks health care.
In the midst of this prison that shelters criminals and drug dealers, Abdul Moneim Mahmoud is held because of his writings and condemnation to tortures carried out by Egyptian authorities against citizens.

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