Jailed MB Leaders Vow to Continue Struggle for Reform Against Despotic Regime
Jailed MB Leaders Vow to Continue Struggle for Reform Against Despotic Regime
Tuesday, April 15,2008 18:54

Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood who have been sentenced yesterday to prison terms by military court, vowed to continue their struggle for reform against the tyrannical, despotic regime in Egypt. In a statement they issued following the court rulings, MB leaders denounced the entire trial which they described as "politically motivated" in order to punish and intimidate the pro-reform movements in the country.

Followings are excerpts from their statements,

"It has been proven all along during the trial that this case is politically motivated to settle disputes between the ruling regime and the Muslim Brotherhood, which have been turned by the regime into dissolute enmity in which it [regime] used all oppressive measures against its political opponents and reformists".

"The decisions passed by the military court- that should have nothing to do with trying civilians, especially those who have been acquitted by civilian courts several times- indicate the imbalance of justice and deterioration of human rights in Egypt during this peerless stage of Egypt’s history which is marked by emergency laws, spread of corruption, monopoly of power and wealth, poor living standards, and poverty".

"We complain to Allah of such tyranny and despotism that we face, and we call upon all honest Egyptians to stand hand in hand and resist the tyranny and corruption that destroyed the future of the people. We promise Allah and the people that we shall continue our peaceful call for reform, resist corruption, fulfill justice, equality, and freedoms, and alleviate the suffering of the Egyptians people" .

"We gratefully thank those who supported our just cause and invocate Allah, the Almighty, to better reward them and fulfill our hopes for our beloved Egypt. We pray for the day when Egypt assumes its pioneering position in the world, a day where Egyptians enjoy their freedoms and prosperity, so help us God".

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood on miliary trial

April 15, 2008