Security Forces attack MB Students and Tear clothes of Reuters’s Correspondent
Security Forces attack MB Students and Tear clothes of Reuters’s Correspondent
Wednesday, April 16,2008 13:34
Thousands of university students staged protests on Wednesday morning condemning the military court verdicts with long-term jail sentences issued yesterday in the military case against 25 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders, topped by Khairat Al-Shater and Mohamed Ali Bishr of the MB Executive Bureau, and the prominent businessman, Hassan Malek.
In Cairo university, despite the excessive presence of security forces all around the university before the start of the protest in an attempt to prevent it, more than 2,000 MB students demonstrated protesting the court verdicts issued on the MB military tribunal yesterday.
Al-Azhar university witnessed a huge protest which included both students and university professors, headed by Dr. Mohamed Al-Beltagi, Al-Azhar university professor and Secretary General of the MB Parliamentarian Bloc, in which the professors gave speeches condemning the unfair verdicts the MB detainees face.
Al-Beltagi’s speech stressed on the injustice of the military verdicts declared yesterday, condemning all the procedures undertaken by the military court against the MB leaders.
Noteworthy, three of Al-Azhar professors have been tried in the MB military court, and were sentenced jail terms of three years for each. Their names are Dr. Salah Al-Dosouky, Anatomy professor, Dr. Essam Abdel-Mohsen, Bio-chemistry professor, and Dr. Farid Galbot, professor of law and constitution.
State security forces used force to prevent media outlets from covering the protests to the extent that Reuters’ photographer, Abdul-Nasser Al-Noury, was harshly attacked by a number of security forces who tore his clothes.
Meanwhile, MB students in the Engineering faculty, Monufeya university, staged a protest in solidarity with Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, professor of Electric Engineering in the university who had a three-year jail sentence in the military tribunal, in which the students raised a memo to the chairman of Monufeya university calling him to intervene for the release of Dr. Bishr and standing by him.
It is worth mentioning that similar protests were staged in universities all around Egypt as Zagazig, Mansoura, and Asiut, in a step taken by the MB students to declare their full rejection of the military court jail sentences.