Akef: Arresting “Esraaâ€‌ proves the enmity among Egyptian regime and the whole society
Akef: Arresting “Esraaâ€‌ proves the enmity among Egyptian regime and the whole society
Monday, April 21,2008 06:55
By Nadine Abdullah
Mohamed Mahdi Akef, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), confirmed to Ikhwanweb that the procedures carried out by the Egyptian regime of arresting Esraa Abdel-Fattah, the founder of the Facebook group “6 April A Nationwide Strikeâ€‌, clearly proves what the Muslim Brotherhood have always declared in their statements about the Egyptian regime.
Saying that the MB have continuously declared that the Egyptian regime uses its oppressive methods with whoever has a point of view which contradicts with the policies of the Ruling Party.
Akef stated that the detention of opposition activists, along with the twenty seven-year old girl, Esraa, have confirmed that the Egyptian regime is in enmity with all the Egyptian society regardless their political trends or ideologies. It also proves the regime’s disrespect to court rulings, as the General Prosecutor has previously ordered to release “Esraaâ€‌, however his orders were not implemented by the Egyptian regime, and “Esraaâ€‌ was re-arrested and then kidnapped.
Adding, “All such acts prove that Egypt is a state of police and security, not of law and constitution.â€‌
He said that calling for strike and different forms of civil disobedience in Egypt have occurred only because the Egyptian citizen suffers from real political, economic, and social problems.
Akef concluded that the oppressive practices carried out by the Egyptian regime may lead to a great public disobedience and chaos in the country.
The same belief was approved by Gamal Heshmat, a prominent leader in the MB and a former member in the Egyptian People’s Assembly, who believed that the governmental attitude with different political and social sectors in Egypt nowadays is based on hostility and contradiction, saying that the government’s crackdown would increase day by day, a thing that would increase people’s anger more.
Gamal Heshmat believed that the coming strike, held on May 4th, causes great fear for the regime, pushing the government to use its excessive force against all opposition voices through random arrests.
Adding that protests and strikes held by the Egyptian people proves the failure of the Egyptian regime which raises numerous slogans saying “for the sake of the citizens, and all for the sake of public interestâ€‌, as the people refuse the current regime in crystal clear acts through their protests and forms of civil disobedience.
Heshmat believed that another problem the Egyptian regime faces nowadays is that the Emergency Law would come to an end on May 2008, and the government have not finished moderating its new Terrorism Law, a fact that scares the regime as they would not be able to arrest that number of people to silence the society then.
Heshmat agreed on what “Mahdi Akefâ€‌ said, adding that the government’s arrests are now against all people who declare their attitudes in Egypt, not only against the Muslim Brotherhood.