Beltagi: Gov’t Journalists Lie!
Beltagi: Gov’t Journalists Lie!
Monday, April 21,2008 11:57

Dr. Mohamed al-Beltagi, Secretary General of the MB parliamentary bloc, denounced the falsifications by governmental newspapers and magazines recently.

He described the governmental distortion campaigns launched against the MB and Hamas as despondent attempts to distort the MB and Hamas in Egypt to cover the weak policies of the NDP and the consequent catastrophes experienced by the Egyptians; rocketing prices, bread crisis, high unemployment rates, forging the peoples" will in all elections, and continuous security assaults.

Beltaji added that free journalists should seek truth regardless merits and demerits. As for the MB, we are not against freedom of expression; however we are against lies.

"Unfortunately, the MB became rich resort for any nameless newspaper to write about on front pages to attract buyers. Such journalists want to satisfy the regime to be promoted, and the nearest way to obtain this is to attack the MBs: he added.