Berlin: Massive Demo Protesting MB Military Tribunals
Berlin: Massive Demo Protesting MB Military Tribunals
Saturday, April 26,2008 05:00

On Saturday April 25th, the Arab- German Culture Foundation has organized an Egyptian rally before the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin on a distance of two kilometers, participated by Arabs and Muslims living in Germany, protesting recent military rulings passed against MB leaders and arrests of civil society and Kefaya (Enough) Reform Movement cadres.

The demonstrators have distributed a statement in Berlin protesting emergency law or the would-be anti terror bill that will lead to social catastrophe.

The statement called for canceling military rulings, release of all political detainees, limiting the intervention of the security entity in Egypt, free demonstrations and gatherings, easing the foundation of political parties, ending the restrictions imposed on different professional syndicates, societies, and unions, adopting balanced wise external policy, canceling unfair agreements, and opening the borders instead of participating in the siege on Gaza Strip.


It"s scheduled that the organizers hand the Egyptian ambassador in Berlin a message for the Egyptian government and a copy of the statement issued by the Arab- German Culture Foundation.