Hamas denies cooperating with Egyptian brotherhood cell to manufacture drone
Hamas denies cooperating with Egyptian brotherhood cell to manufacture drone
Saturday, April 26,2008 06:11

The Hamas Movement on Saturday denied Egyptian press reports claiming that the Movement cooperated with the Muslim brotherhood group in Egypt to purchase components of a drone capable of carrying explosives.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, in an exclusive statement to the PIC, said that the news report published by the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram was a "big lie". He charged that publishing such news fell in line with the campaign led by Al-Ahram and a number of other papers against Hamas and the Palestinian people.

He explained that the report was an attempt by certain parties to link Hamas with the Egyptian brotherhood and then involve Hamas in internal Egyptian differences.

The spokesman reminded those parties that Hamas is a Palestinian national liberation movement and not an Egyptian movement. He asked those inciting parties to stop incitement against the Palestinian people.

Abu Zuhri, however, asserted that the Palestinian people and its resistance were entitled to owning weapons to confront the Israeli occupation and aggression.

The semi-official Egyptian daily published a report on Saturday claiming that state security was interrogating a cell led by an official in the Muslim Brotherhood and elements of the Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, on its members alleged purchase of equipment and technical know-how in order to manufacture a drone capable of carrying explosives that could be blasted by remote control.