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Two Unfair sentences against Islamic Detainees
Two Unfair sentences against Islamic Detainees
Wednesday, May 7,2008 11:23

The exceptional Supreme State Security Court in Damascus issued on Monday 5/5/2008 two unjust sentences on two Islamic citizens:

1-    Mr. Ismail al-Sheikha was sentenced to death, accused of affiliation to Muslim Brotherhood Movement pursuant to law 49/1980, then the sentence was reduced to 12 years imprisonment with hard labour, fining and stripping of civil rights.

2-    Mr. Abdul Rahman Yusufan was sentenced to 4 years in prison with fining and stripping from civil rights, being accused of belonging to a Salafi current.

In its Sunday and Monday sessions the SSSC interrogated the following detainees because of their opinions and affiliations to Islamic currents, then their trials were adjourned to later dates:

Omar Razzouk is being trialled because of his affiliation to Muslim Brotherhood Movement.

Mohammed al-Ibrahim is being trialled because of his affiliation to Tahrir Party.

Nafi� Qarjanah, Yasser Makkis, Usamah Nisani, Yasser Ouf and Imad al-Sahn are being trialled because of their affiliation to Salafi the school of thought.

The Syrian Human Rights Committee condemns the unjust trials and unfair sentences. It requests that the Syrian authorities should stop targeting Syrian citizens and the followers of the peaceful Islamic currents in particular, to release all detainees of conscience in the prisons of the Syrian regime and to stop all sorts of despotic and random arrests.

Syrian Human Rights Committee