A Place to Read, and Comment on, Times Articles in Arabic
Thursday, May 8,2008 13:00
By Robert Mackey

As part of Generation Faithful, our ongoing series examining the lives of young people across the Muslim world at a time of religious revival, The New York Times has established an Arabic-language blog. It’s hosted through the news and blogging site Al Bawaba, and will allow readers in the Middle East to read and comment on articles in our series in Arabic.

The first article in the series, on marriage in Egypt, has already been posted on the new blog, and the next two articles in the series will be published there soon.

We are hoping to use the blog to expand the English-language discussion we started here in The Majlis section of The Lede, to open up the conversation to non-English-speakers, as we have for our series on Russia, Kremlin Rules, which is being discussed quite actively on our Moscow bureau’s LiveJournal blog.

We will translate some of the responses posted on the Arabic blog into English and post them on NYTimes.com in the coming days and weeks.