Eight MB Students Referred to Investigation Prior to Exams
Eight MB Students Referred to Investigation Prior to Exams
Wednesday, May 14,2008 10:47

Eight Muslim Brotherhood students at the faculty of engineering Fayoum University were referred to investigation board days prior to their final exams on charges of organizing a graduation party for their colleagues and professors. This is the same charge filed against four students from the same faculty this past week.
The students are: Ahmad Diab Mohamed, Amr Ahmad Ali Awad (fourth year electricity power department), Usama Saleh Abdul-Fadheel (4th year civil engineering), Hamadah Fathi Abdul-Wahid, Ashour Mohamed Ajami Jad (3rd civil engineering), Rabee Ramadan Abdul-Kareem (3rd electricity), Ahmad Abdul-Fattah Othman (2nd civil engineering), and Abdurrahman Gamal Kamal (civil engineering).
The faculty’s administration has dismissed eight students in the first semester during their exams. This year more than 50 students were referred to investigations committees and 20 others were dismissed. Four students were detained for 40 days; three of them were kidnapped from the university campus.