Statement: The Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Bush’s Visit
Statement: The Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Bush’s Visit
Saturday, May 17,2008 10:19

George Bush has headed to the region to share the Israeli occupation its 60th anniversary of usurping Palestinian land and expelling its residents with the complicity of the international community and weak Arab regimes.

He comes to declare his administration’s support to Israeli settlers and its intention to undermine resistance embodied in Hamas and Hezbollah, let alone challenging the will of the Palestinians who back any resistance that seeks to liberate their lands.

Today, he is received in our country Egypt that has fought brave battles against Israeli assaults and after his provoking statements for Arabs and Muslims.

The Israeli occupation forces have committed massacres against the Palestinian people, and they are still involved in ethnic cleansing as well as the Gaza blockade of hunger and death. We also will not forget the crime of killing Egyptian war prisoners at the hands of Israeli forces.

Bush’s visit is rejected, since he is known for his bloody history against the region. The Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian people, and all freedom loving Arab and Muslim nations say to Bush and his advocates: you are most unwelcome in our lands.

Arab rulers should seek the support of their peoples in order to retain their freedom, independence, and dignity, and to be able to represent the will of their peoples. They should say “No” to injustice and murder instead of confronting their peoples and congratulating occupation forces for their crimes. They should also remove U.S. military bases from our lands.

Mohamed Mahdy Akef

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman