A hawk killed by a policeman in Zagazig city
A hawk killed by a policeman in Zagazig city
Sunday, May 18,2008 13:34

Emad Sabry Shawqi; a hawk, has been shot and seriously injured his shoulders at the hands of Fathi Abdul-Fattah; a policeman, due to heated squabbles at Zeraah square at Zagazig city.

Eye witnesses said that both of them went on heated argument in which the policeman cursed and insulted the hawk during moving with his cart, so that the policeman thought that he was trying to escape and, therefore, the man was shot.

The hawk has been moved to the Zagazig hospital amidst intensive security presence. The policeman accused the hawk of making inroads upon him and tearing his police garments with a banana scythe. He confessed he fired the hawk; however the police gathered some of the policeman"s colleagues to convict the hawk.

Prosecution charged the policeman with murder attempt and imprisoned him for 4 days pending investigations.