Reformists Win Elections of Cairo University Teaching Club
Reformists Win Elections of Cairo University Teaching Club
Sunday, April 29,2007 00:00
By ikhwanweb
"University Professors For the Sake of Reform" slate that includes Islamists won the two-year term elections of Cairo University teaching club, held on Friday evening; the slate that won included :
- First: professors:

Dr. Abdul Galil Mostafa Al Basyouni (Faculty of Medicine- 9 March Group) 1592 votes
Dr. Metwalli Abdul Aziz Ahmed (Faculty of Engineering – National Democratic Party member who opposes the policies committee ) 1337 votes.
- Second: Assistant Professors:
Dr. Mohamed Abdul Ghani Al-Asar (Faculty of Agriculture - Muslim Brotherhood) 1472 votes.
- Third: Teachers:
Dr. Mohamed Hamed Nafeh (Faculty of Engineering - Muslim Brotherhood) 1403 votes .
As for lecturers and assistants professor, the slate didn’t have any candidate and the slate suggested that voters choose any one; the winner was Ahmed Zaghloul (independent) who won 996 votes .
 Dr. Sameh Fouad, the dean of Al-Qasr Al-Aini Faculty of Medicine and member of the NDP’s policies committee failed to win a professors’ seat; he garnered only 939 votes, although the Faculty of Medicine has the biggest number of votes.
The number of the teaching club Board of Directors is 15 members; the two-year term elections are held every two years, while the complete elections of the club are held every 6 years.