MB Deputy Chairman Responds to Critics of Recent MB Internal Elections
MB Deputy Chairman Responds to Critics of Recent MB Internal Elections
Tuesday, June 24,2008 09:56
The latest organizational elections within the MB Shura Council which added five new members to its Executive Council, the highest decision making authority within the MB, stirred political controversy by critics who questioned its transparency and what they considered an attempt by the "conservative wing" to ensure its hegemony within the MB.

Dr. Habib was singled out as the orchestrator of these elections; therefore, Ikhwanweb sought his response to these allegations. In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Habib stated the following,
-The Executive Bureau (EB) is the highest authority in the Muslim Brotherhood through which we assume our responsibilities towards our country and our cause. We exert our utmost efforts to preserve its due performance.

-The recent changes inside the EB came through free and transparent elections among members of the General Shura Council and following sound democratic procedures.

-Khairat El Shater is still holding the position of MB Second Deputy Chairman, and Mohamed Bishr a member of the EB.

-None of the EB current members will be relieved from their positions because of age or health problems as long as they are able to carry out their duties and share their valuable experience.

- Amending the MB bylaws is the responsibility of the General Shura Council. However, it is almost impossible for its members to convene to discuss any changes without being subject to arrest by the government. The Shura Council will be capable of assuming its full responsibility when there is a democratic government in Egypt that allows members of the MB to exercise their political rights.

-It is understood that in a democratic election there is always a winner and a loser, and this is exactly what happened during last elections. It should be also noted that every member in the MB has his/her important distinct duties regardless of its hierarchy. All members of the MB fully realize that being voted for higher position is not considered an electoral victory as much as it is taking more responsibilities carrying further burden.

-In regard to Brother Essam El Erian, undoubtedly he is true leader who has been in charge of the MB political department, in addition to his many other responsibilities. We are proud of him, and we do appreciate his great contributions for the MB. However, we have to respect the choice of the voters and Dr. El Erian fully accepts that.